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Beat Junction Project


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What exactly ARE Metropolis Vibes???

Review: Vega Chastain - TRS magazine

Every time I put this CD on, I find something new I like about it. Lyrically and musically, it stands out and blends perfectly with a style it both creates and draws from - old school soul. Impressive to say the least, the mood and flow of 'Circa 197?' remind me of old jazz vinyl... Dakar (Coltrane) or Lullabies of Birdland (Holiday). Smooth transitions and eloquent wordplay hint at a musical control that gives the album a relaxed, confident feel.
It holds its own as a hip-hop record, however, competing with the likes of Fantastic Voyage Part I (Slum Village) and Melodica (Blackalicious). Proving that rough and raw can be a style, the straightforward intelligence of these two lyricists sets the Beat Junction Project aside from most rap or hip-hop acts. These cats can pull off a live show just as well as any, and that vitality and energy can be heard throughout the album.
This album gives me a lot of hope for hip-hop. Here you see the lives and thoughts of two young poets, struggling and striving through a world not yet theirs. 'Circa 197? The Dirty Versions' exemplifies untainted, unrestrained hip-hop not yet at its finest, but ready and willing to create new levels of musical creativity and honesty. You can expect to hear lots more from the Beat Junction Project, and with these guys, I cant wait.

The Beat Junction Project is the hip-hop collective hailing from South Carolina. This super crew met up at a local club that was holding a spoken word/freestyle event... and ever since, local and regional spots have been laced with 'true metropolis vibes'. With varied styles ranging from the quick wordplay and laid-back linguistics of Jarret Jenkins (also known as Un-known)melded with the straightforward passionate rhymes of Taseone Aisin, the Beat Junction project is sure to sound sweet over any beat. However, these aren't just any beats. The talent that encompasses the Beat Junction realm will immediately manifest upon first listen, and leave you ready for more.

Circa 197?... The Dirty Versions
(NyrubiSol Music 2001)

Track List:


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Dream Works

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